Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sizing up fighters

Someone asked about space fighters over at The Minaitures Page.  That made me realize that although I previously posted measurements of my Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights ships, I had neglected to do the same for my SfW/GK fighters (called "Star Fighter Attack Craft" in Starfleet Wars and just "fighters" in Galactic Knights).

Top: Terran Meteor & Comet; Aquarian Eel & Pike.
Bottom: Avarian Raven; Carnivore Leopard; Entomalian Mosquito.
Here, then, are measurements for the fighters pictured above:

  • Meteor: 20mm
  • Comet: 19mm
  • Eel: 16mm
  • Pike: 11mm
  • Bluejay: 13mm
  • Leopard: 15mm
  • Mosquito: 18mm
Note my collection is missing Raven (Av), Bobcat (Carn), and Gnat (Ent) fighters. 

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