Friday, December 31, 2010

Unknown vessels approaching

ALERT: Scanners detecting incoming bogeys.  Two unidentified craft, approaching at .6 c, unfamiliar design:
I took this photo without a flash and heavily manipulated it.
Tonight I painted up a couple of Silent Death minis that I had acquired sometime back.  SD is a game of space fighter combat, so these figures are meant to represent individual attack craft.  Since they're about 1&7/8 inches (46mm) long--about the size of a Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights destroyer--they can also serve as larger ships in other starship combat games.

They're not blurry when I have the flash on.
These models by RAFM are part of the Night Brood faction (whatever that is); this particular design is known as the Muskellunge (whatever that is).  I like the lines on these ships.  The insectoid design means I could use them as new Entomalian designs.  These ships could also serve as civilian luxury yachts, racers, cargo ships, pirates, or even a new alien species.

The Violeta.
The Goldie.
Since I'm not sure how I'll end up using these ships, I didn't paint them in the colors of any of the Five Powers.  Instead, I had a little fun, ending up with bright gold and electric purple effects for these craft.  I'm looking forward to getting these gals on the table, once I figure out their role.


Porky said...

It's pretty, and as you said, very versatile in terms of how it could be used.

Have you been following B/X Blackrazor? He's working on a set of space combat rules too and has put up plenty of thoughts on the genre over the past few posts.

EastwoodDC said...

I'm not sure about Muskelunge, they look more like cephalopods to me.

Chuthuloids in Space?

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Porky! I've been keeping up with the posts at B/X, and it looks like he's working on something for a roleplaying group, not 1-on-1 combat. Stilll, I'm interested in seeing what he comes up with.

Interesting idea, Eastwood! A race of squidlike beings (possibly originating from a gas giant instead of an Earthlike world) would provide a nice alternative to the humans-in-funny-suits trope inherent in Starfleet Wars.

EastwoodDC said...

We might not be the first ones to have this idea:

quorthon13 said...

I think the purple ship is one of the nicest paintjobs you have posted