Friday, December 10, 2010

Blast from the past

I was feeling nostalgic this evening, and I broke out my old Battletech minis.  I used to play the game all the time decades ago, but until two years ago at ChimaeraCon, I hadn't played BT in over a decade.

My paint jobs on these miniatures aren't nearly as good as I remembered them to be.  I kept some of them in the box.  Still, in the interest of sharing, I will post a few of them for your enjoyment:

WOLVERINE: I like the camo scheme on this 'mech--very otherworldly.

LONGBOW: A Macross (OK, I knew it at the time under the name Robotech) design, this model sports a winter paint scheme.

WARHAMMER: Another Macross figure, and my favorite battlemech.

CATAPULT: I think this was a FASA original. Note the skull insignia, taken from a 1/144 Macross model.

PHOENIX HAWK: I'm happy with the painting and basing on this model.

 LAND-AIR MECH (LAM): I tried to paint scorch marks from re-entering the atmosphere, but it just makes this veritech look dirty.

MARAUDER: With battle long-term storage damage!

Damn ... now I want to play a game.


 Ashley said...

Welcome back to Battletech. I assume that you know about the official and fan forums for the game?

I also have a blog about Battletech and other wargaming interests I have too.

Desert Scribe said...

Welcome aboard the Dreadnought, Ashley! I have a vague idea there are BT message boards out there, but I haven't spent any time looking at them. I played the game on a regular basis in college, but since then I've only played it once.

By the way, I'm also an OGRE/GEV player; I guess I need to post something about that as well.

 Ashley said...

I like Ogre/GEV too, now that you mention it. Funny that!

Some quick links for you:

I like this one, because it's very laid back. Arguably LotB is equally good, certainly been around a while:

Then there is the official site:

For Ogre/GEV see SJG: