Monday, December 20, 2010

Work in Progress: Star Bombers

After a weekend in which both my scheduled gaming opportunities fell through (and my box containing my Hordes of the Things armies again fell to the floor), I decided to slap some paint on some metal.

Here's a shot of a Mars-class star bomber, fresh off the Boeing assembly line:
The gray primer really brings out the details.
The Terran TransSolar Federation sold a nonmilitary version of star bomber, called the Ares, to local planetary governments.  Pictured below is a vessel used by a local police force:
Sorry, the flash washed out the details in the white sections.
Private companies also acquired deweaponized versions of the Ares, such as this one bearing a popular racing team's markings:
I still need to add a few details and drybrush this one.
A work in progress.  Bet you can't guess where I'm going with this model:
The yellow I used is very thin, but the color looks better in this photo than on the table.


RavenFeast said...

Very cool!

You are not alone...

Desert Scribe said...

Some great looking ships you have there, RavenFeast. Glad to see you're getting those old minis back on the tabletop, and welcome aboard the Dreadnought!

Porky said...

Progress always looks good!

I've still got the discussion from Hill Cantons working away at the back of my mind.

RavenFeast's comment has me wondering at the potential of the net for getting campaigns going not only in a single domain, but between geographically distant players, using something like Vassal.