Sunday, December 12, 2010

In the pipeline

Since I don't have any star bombers painted up, I decided a half-dozen of these Mars-class vessels (along with a quartet of Dauntless-class armored pursuit ships) will be next on my painting list for my Terran fleet:
My typical Terran paint scheme.
Note that this time I used gray primer instead of my usual black.  I decided instead of going with red or white (one of my two traditional Terran paint jobs), I will get a little more creative with the color schemes.  Since I'm not sure exactly what hues I will put on the ships, I went with the lighter primer in case I choose brighter colors for some of the vessels.  I have some ideas for how I will paint these--something different than my usual three-color drybrush method), and I'll post photos once I have a couple of these spaceships finished.

I also have some capital ships I need to get painted.  Below you can see the Victory-class super galactic dreadnought already primered, next to the Valiant-class galactic dreadnought, which I just based.  Note the Victory uses a Monday Knight Productions "Super-Nova" base, while the Valiant sits atop a homemade stand consisting of a couple of fender washers, a wooden disk, and a #16 nail.  A Samurai-class destroyer leader is placed alongside for scale reference (and also because I need to paint it).
I need to get these table-ready.


Porky said...

Mmm... More old-school goodness. I'm really enjoying this blog! And getting in a spaceshippy mood myself.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Porky. Are there any spaceship games or miniatures in particular that you like?

Porky said...

I'll always have a soft spot for Space Fleet. Battlefleet Gothic seemed lacking in scope and the models always felt a bit samey and unambitious. I'm interested in any and all really - spaceships and space battles are a big part of sci-fi, and sci-fi is all about potential.