Monday, May 30, 2011

Carnivore starbombers

Here's the trio of Carnivore/Carnivoran (the two games use these terms interchangably) starbombers I completed over the weekend.  They're painted to match the rest of my Carnie fleet.
Like star armored pursuit ships, starbombers in Starfleet Wars are fragile craft, unable to withstand even a single hit from a large warship.  They pack plenty of particle weapons, though, so they remain a substantial threat to the bigger starships while vulnerable to fighters as well.
In Galactic Knights, starbombers are also delicate, and they often carry multiple salvoes of plasma torpedoes, capable of gutting the biggest starships in a single turn.
 This type of ship also has plenty of anti-fighter weapons, but not as much as the SAPS.
I like the streamlined look of these ships; seems very 1950s-futuristic rocket-like, with the great big intake up front.  They look like they'll come in handy for other spaceship games too; particularly War Rocket.

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