Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Monk With No Name

Although my wife's thief is doing pretty well for herself in the Hill Cantons campaign, my spouse wants to try out a monk character (we're using the Labyrinth Lord rules and their Advanced Edition Companion). 

So when we were at Dibble's Hobbies in San Antonio recently, we picked out a suitable miniature: Jade Star, Female Monk--Reaper No. 2629 (pictured above, and I have no idea why the colors came out so different in each shot).

While my wife likes the mini, she's not so keen on the name "Jade."  We need to figure out a new moniker for this monk, and we talked about watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for inspiration.  I thought I'd ask readers for suggestions as well--any idea on what to call this martial artist?  Also, we're considering color schemes for her clothing, so submissions in that regard will be appreciated as well.


Northy said...

Pale blue over-robes, grey undershirt/leggings. Switch to a darker robe (perhaps a dark brown or red) if you want light hair.

As for name - (Lail, Annell, Suze, whatever) Blue Rose. She looks like a Blue Rose to me.

Good luck with the monk!

Joseph said...

Gold and silver, obviously.