Sunday, May 15, 2011

More spaceship names

Speaking of names, I have a house rule that players must name all their starships before the game begins, and that applies to scenarios I run at conventions.  The designations can be silly, serious, or anything in between.

This post about character names on B/X Blackrazor reminded me that I needed to share the spaceship designations the players came up with for my Chimaera Con game last month.

The attacker, playing the Terran federation, chose Earth place names for members of his fleets:
  • South America (battlecruiser)
  • Andes (cruiser)
  • Brazil (destroyer leader)
  • Reo de Jenero (destroyer)
  • Buenos Ares (destroyer)
  • Lima (destroyer)
  • North America (battlecruiser)
  • Rockies (cruiser)
  • Canada (destroyer leader)
  • Washington (destroyer)
  • Ottawa (destroyer)
  • Mexico City (destroyer)
The defender took a more esoteric, yet alliterative, approach:
  • Jenius (cruiser)
  • Jonas (cruiser)
  • Korn (armored pursuit ship)
  • Cookie (armored pursuit ship)
  • Jasper (cruiser)
  • Juno (cruiser)
  • Clattu (armored pursuit ship)
  • Koman (armored pursuit ship)
  • Enterprise (battlecruiser)
I ran the transport fleet, which consisted of Asimov-class cargo ships.  (They didn't have individual names because I ran out of time preparing for the game.  But if the referee can't ignore his own house rules, where's the fun in that?) 

I want to eventually run a starship campaign game, and imparting names to all the vessels involved will add to the sense of continuity in this endeavor.  But before I christen all my starships, I need to figure out the campaign rules ...


Porky said...

That first set reminds me of the naming in Star Trek. I remember especially the Defiant replacement in DS9 losing an Earth place name to have the same old again. It seemed strange to see the new name at first, but the height of sentimentality, or maybe superstition, to go back.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Clattu? First time I've seen that particular movie referenced in a game. Pretty cool! (Note: This is the first part of the phrase "Clattu barata niktu", (or something similar, the exact spelling is unknown, t least to me, and it might be nikto and baratu), from The Day The Earth Stood Still).

thedrake70458 said...

I also tend to assign names to my ship minis at least for the individual scenarios they appear in.

Am playing a solo mini-campaign in Full Thrust as a series of linked scenarios where all the ships appearing in the campaign will have a name.