Saturday, May 21, 2011

OGRE update--it's official

Some good tidings from the creator of OGRE, and one caveat (this came out last week, but I just now noticed it).

Straight from the keyboard of the man who puts the Steve Jackson into Steve Jackson Games, here's the latest word on OGRE Sixth Edition:
"Yes, we're definitely going to do it."
According to Evil Stevie, the fancy new edition of OGRE will go through distributors to local game stores (it's not just a Warehouse 23 offering).  And yes, the map will work with the miniatures.  But he only plans to print 3,000 copies (plus some extra boards and counters to be sold separately through W23), so make sure you reserve yours.

The catch?  He's not sure if it will come out this year.  Still, we now know it will happen.  Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Don M said...

Hurray! I'll get it of course...hell I have
the old fold up booklet
for both Ogre and GEV...)