Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out of drydock ...

After spending several months as spaceship parts instead of as a spaceship, my Lion-class battlecruiser is whole once more.  I broke the ship last fall when I was messing around, and it lay in pieces in a box, almost forgotten.
I finally got around to fixing the mini.  Because the head snapped off at the neck, I had to drill holes in each piece and use a section of safety pin as a rod to join the two parts.  The join is barely noticable in the above photo; you probably can't see it unless you're looking for the seam (see arrow below).
The join is slightly more noticable on the underside, but the meld is pretty solid.  I just used Gorilla Glue to stick the pin in one hole, then attach the front to the back and push them together.
I didn't drill the holes straight enough, so once it was glued back together, the front section was crooked until I bent it into the proper shape.  The ship looks good from the side now, too.
I'm happy I was able to salvage this miniature.  For awhile I was scared I was going to have to convert it into two spaceships.  Now it's back in action.
The Lion maneuvers into formation with the Victory during a wargames exercise.


jmezz382 said...

Tell your dry dock builders mission accomplished, job well done.

CounterFett said...

That's a good join.

You were a bit lucky on the break (if such a thing can be said without it being an oxymoron), in that the crack was along that ridge on the forward superstructure. It just hides it very well.