Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mini-con for South Texas

Over at the Hill Cantons, ckutalik has proposed a one-day convention in San Antonio focusing on so-called classic gaming--i.e., old-school.  Like many trends, this one is also big in California.  Evidently similar gatherings proved popular when they took place in Austin

Chris said he's contemplating running a Braunstein game (whatever that is).  He'd like to see some Austin or Houston folks contribue some original-edition D&D into the mix (mayben Jimm could bring his Skull Mountain game down south). 

I'm definitely up for running Starfleet Wars, an old-school starship combat ruleset if ever there was one.  Not only that, but the microgame OGRE, which debuted in the late '70s, would also be a great fit for such a get-together, and I'd be willing to conduct this sci-fi ground combat game as well.  I'd also like to play in someone else's event, if that's possible.

There's no set date yet, but late July to mid-August would probably be the best time frame.  It would be a free, all-day event with anywhere from two to four games taking place.  As I mentioned over at HC, I'm in.  Readers, any interest in getting together in San Antonio for a mini-game-convention, as a player or a GM?

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