Sunday, May 1, 2011

"What's so civil 'bout war, anyway?"

(or, Civil War Saturday redux)

Yesterday, I went over to Joe's for another game of Johnny Reb.  Like the last time we played, we were refighting the Battle of Chickamauga.  Unlike the previous game, this time there were only the two of us fighting on Joe's great layout. 
We randomly chose who would play each side, and I ended up leading the Northern aggressors. 
The scenario began in media res, with one Yankee unit aleready routed and skedaddling toward the rear, with another Union brigade set up in overwatch.
The U.S. also had plenty of reinforcements coming up the road (I like how the material used for the stream reflects the light in the above photo, making the watercourse look that much more realistic).
The scenario was slightly ahistorical, in that the forces were set up as if one Confederate division that had been left behind to guard another objective had instead joined the battle.
 The game began with a Rebel yell, as the Confederates charged the retreating Yanks.
They also attempted to charge the dug-in troops on the hill, but the Union infantry held their ground (for the most part).
The battle was fully engaged on my left flank (at the top of the photo below) and starting to join in the middle.  Meanwhile, more Confederates were coming in from the right.
 Reb sharpshooters tried to harass my forces, but the green troops weren't very effective against the Yankees.
My artillery batteries in the middle of the battle didn't do much good against the CSA guns (shown below), but back on my left, the one battery that didn't flee the battlefield managed to take out an entire Rebel brigade.
But the Rebs had some heavy artillery of their own, such as this battery of Napoleons that packed a mean punch and were about to join the middle of the battle.
Unfortunately, prior commitments forced me to leave at that point, so the game ended as it began: in the middle of things.  Maybe we can pick it up again sometime soon.

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