Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy (belated) birthday to SGDN!

Monday was the one-year anniversary of the Super Galactic Dreadnought blog.  I can't believe I missed that milestone!  I don't even have an excuse, as the South Texas Mini-Con was over by then.  I had planned on a celebratory post, but forgot all about it until now.  Oh well. 

Time for some reflection:  It's been a year since I started doing this, and now I have 78 followers.  This also marks my 210th post.

It all started with The Launching of the Dreadnought, which is now one of the most popular posts on SGDN.  To commemorate that inaugural entry, I've produced my own version (above) of the catalog photo (right) I used to illustrate my first blog entry, the picture that first attracted me to the Starfleet Wars line of spaceship miniatures.

In the past year (and five days), I've succeeded in my goals of more gaming with more people--and a lot of it is thanks to this blog, which allowed me to meet like-minded individuals and to get the word out about my games.  Speaking of which, I've run scenarios at two major area conventions and one local mini-con.  This blog has also inspired me to paint quite a few of my models so I can show them off here (but I'm still not painting enough to keep up with all the additional minis I keep acquiring).

I've even been able to play a couple of games using the rules that originally came with these minis, Starfleet Wars.  I've also written in-depth examinations of SfW and another game based on these miniatures, Galactic Knights.

I've also received great feedback from readers--from a professional game designer to a professional sculptor; from local players to fellow gamers from around the world.  So thanks, everyone, for coming aboard the Dreadnought.  Here's to another great year (or 360 days) ahead!


Don M said...

Happy Birthday SGDN!!!

scottsz said...

This blog brings back all the joy of first seeing those Alnavco ads back in the day!

Happy Birthday!

srspicer said...

Happy Birthday Super Galactic Dreadnought!!

I think it is great that the Dreadnought and the line that launched it is not relegated to gaming history.

Also, thank you for being interested enough to contact me and allow me to post my remembrances on your blog. Looking forward to another year for you.



maxmike said...

Happy Birthday SGDN! May you remain as invulnerable and awe inspiring as your namesake!