Saturday, August 13, 2011

Missing ship stats

I need stats for the Valiant-class galactic dreadnought.
I came across a problem as I was compiling a list of of all ships and stats for Starfleet Wars:  There's not a listing for the Valiant-class galactic dreadnought anywhere.  It's not in the main rulebook; I didn't see it in the SfW supplement, and I couldn't find it in the Observer's Directory & ID Manual

Then I remembered; a few months ago, maxmike mentioned in this comment that Superior Models released the Terran Valiant--and its Carnivoran-equivalent, the Jaguar--right as the miniatures company was going out of business.  He said the only source of stats for these ships was a retail flyer from the manufacturer, long since lost in the mists of time.

So, anyone have a copy of that Superior handout with the new ship stats?  Since the answer is probably "no," how about suggestions for statting out the Val (and the Jag) for Starfleet Wars?

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