Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OGRE delayed till 2012

Bad news, everyone:  Game designer Steve Jackson says the long-anticipated sixth edition of OGRE/GEV won't hit the stores until sometime next year.

He says there's no marketing of financial reason, just not enough time to get it done in 2011.

I'd been looking forward to getting this game--mainly for the maps, which will be compatible with my various OGRE miniatures, including North American Combine and Paneuropean units--but also for the rules consolidations.

Oh, well.  This gives me more time to save up so I can buy the 12-pound game box.  A hundred bucks for a boardgame ain't cheap.

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RavenFeast said...


I'll survive. Fantasy Flight will have the re-release of WIZ WAR by Christmass 2011 and at around USD$50.00 - as of this missive.