Thursday, August 11, 2011

Painted space station

I painted up this Battlefleet Gothic space station for use as an objective in my upcoming Starfleet Wars game at the South Texas Mini-Con.
I attempted to do something different with the paint scheme for this mini in order to distinguish it from my spacefleets and give it the appearance of great age.  I primered it white, then drybrushed with grey and black, in a sort of reverse of my usual method.
It came out looking horrible!  I was ready to scrap the entire paint job, when my wife suggested drybrushing with a metallic blue to make the model stand out on the table.  Thanks to her suggestion, I was able to avoid repainting the mini.
 I'm still not entirely happy with how the space station looks, but it'll do for now.
The mini came with a bunch of arms that extend from the outside of the wheel, and some more protuberances to go on top of the thing.  As you can see, I left them off this model.
Like I said, I may redo this miniature at a later date, but for now I've got a space station model for my games.

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