Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Completed shuttles and fighters

I finally got around to finishing the shuttles I had based earlier.  At the same time, I painted up some smaller ships from the same line of minis as escorts for these transports. 
 The shuttles are repurposed Phantom VB Assault Ships from Valiant's Stardate: 3000 spaceship range.
They're painted same as the rest of my transport fleet: black primer followed by drybrushed metallic black, metallic gray, and metallic silver.
The fighters are also from Valiant--Intruder IID Scouts.  They'll make a nice surprise for any pirates or privateers who think that merchant convoy is unprotected--one of the transports is actually a makeshift carrier with a squadron of fighters!
In addition, I have some more SD:3K ships that fit right between these two models size-wise--the Vigilante IIIC Interceptor.  They should make nice heavy fighters, only slightly larger than my Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights fighter minis.
After that, I have more Stardate: 3000 models to paint, including aliens!  Can't wait to play around with those ships.

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Sovereigneternal said...

Another FYI: The Half-Price books at San Pedro and 410 has TSR Star Frontiers ship minis.