Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full Thrust compilation

As a part of my latest gaming obsession, I decided to compile the various Full Thrust rules and supplements into one volume.  I loaded all the free downloads--255 pages total--onto a flash drive and took it to a copy store for printing and binding.  The first place I went to was gonna charge me about $34, so I decided to pass.  Since I was headed to an office supply store on another errand, I checked out their print facilities.  
No, it's not a black & white photo; I was too cheap to pay for a color cover.
They quoted me a price of around $20 so I went ahead and had them print and bind the documents.  Unfortunately, there were problems with the printer, and the More Thrust booklet  had to be redone.  But somehow, it didn't get placed in the spiral binding--so I'm missing a 50-page book that I paid for.  Not only that, but since most of the rules were originally published on A4 (British) size paper instead of standard letter (American), the page numbers didn't come out in the printing they gave me. 

It might have been less hassle to just print everything out myself.  Still, I have most of the rules in hardcopy now, which will make it easier to actually play this game at some point in the future.


Don M said...

I need a new printer/scanner myself,I'd like re print all the stuff I have, I get you a copy
when I do, there is allot of great Full Thrust adaptations of everything from Star Trek to Star Wars, as well as allot of literary
conversions that are sadly no longer on on the net.

Malcadon said...

Yeah, I have two printers (an inkjet and a photo printer), but I'm out of ink with both. I hate how they make then so you have no choice but to buy their brand of over-priced cartridges! If I could print files cheaply, I would have a lot more booklets, counters, cards, and cardsheet pops, and papercraft models kits on my shelves. Damn their useless, over-priced land-fill stuffing!