Friday, March 2, 2012

New Blog (of Void and Stars)

From the Void and Stars blog.
One of the creators of Song of Void and Stars, the upcoming starship combat rules from Ganesha Games, has started a blog to chronicle the game development.

Called, appropriately enough, Void and Stars, the blog only has a couple of entries so far.  The introductory post describes the game as a "task force"-level set of rules, with one or two capital ships and several escorts on each side.  Unlike most spaceship games, SoVaS also has character types (admirals, captains, engineers, and so on) that can affect play.

Of particular interest is this Song of Void and Stars playtest report.  It describes ships with characteristics such as "superior" or "assault" (and also launch missiles and fighters--successive missile salvos have a cumulative negative affect on their target) and "legendary" characters that can ensure automatic successes.  The game also has morale rules, so vessels will warp away to escape instead of fighting to the last ship.  I look forward to learning more about this game.

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John Palumbo said...


Thanks for the follow on Void and Stars. I'm looking for play testers so if you are interested, shoot me a note on the Void and Stars Blog.