Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Work in progress: Paladin element

Here's the figure that I will use for the Paladin element to round out my Bretonnian Hordes of the Things army.  This miniature was originally made for the computer-assisted tabletop wargame Ex Illis; I won him as a prize in a HotT tournament some time back.
As you can see,the horse is a little smaller than the destriers meant to carry the Bretonnian knights, and the fighter looks scrawny when compared to his Games Workshop counterparts.
However, the dynamic pose, along with the fact that I will build up the base a little to give him additional height, should help the paladin fit in with the Bretonnians.  Additionally, I can justify the slight build by saying the paladin is actually a young man or a woman, and therefore smaller than the largish knights in the main part of the army.  It will be interesting to have a Paladin element in my army; I've never used that unit in a game of HotT.

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