Saturday, March 17, 2012

Test-driving some mechs

Last week at Ed's (the Two Hour Wargames guy), he happened to have some alien-looking terrain on the board and some old plastic Battletech minis at hand.  Since he's been working on a mech combat game for his 5150 universe, I was happy to give the 5150: No Quarter rules a go.
The first game we tried was a one-on-one battle.  We each took the same type of mech, although he gave me a Star Army version and he took a model belonging to the rebel faction.  The first game involved a lot of shooting (and a lot of die rolling) as our giant robots took In Sight tests and ducked back or otherwise responded according to that Two Hour Wargames mechanic.
Finally, I charged and tried to melee.  The combat went back and forth, with me punching my opponent's mech, and then my foe kicking my model.  I backed off and went to ranged weapons again, blowing off the robot's arm.  Since Ed's pilot was more easily rattled than mine, the game ended as his mech fled off the board.
The second game, I had the rules down a little better, and so we each took a couple of mechs.  This match seemed to flow much quicker, and whether it was because we had heavier weapons or just knew the rules better it seemed to emulate those old giant robot battles of old, in a fraction of the time and without all the recordkeeping.
The battle stayed at long range, with each of my mechs pouring fire into one of Ed's, and vice versa.  Unfortunately for me, Ed's warriors landed a couple of shots to the torso of each of my units.  The first telling blow knocked over one mech and incapacitated its pilot.  The second shot ripped through the armor, causing an explosion and destroying the mech along with its operator.
5150: No Quarter is a fun game that captures the feel of your more granular big robot battle rules without so much paperwork, and I plan on dusting off my old Battletech minis to use with this.


Maj. Diz Aster said...

I can't wait for this rules set to come out, I picked up a bunch of 15mm mechs when I got my tax refund back, and need some rules! Tell Ed next time you see him, "hurry up and release this book". Just joking. I pester him enough on the THW Yahoo! group. When it's released, I'll definitely be up for a game anytime you want to play.

RavenFeast said...

" seemed to emulate those old giant robot battles of old, in a fraction of the time and without all the recordkeeping."

That got my attention, DS. Looking forward to more info on this.

Allandaros said...

Mandamus! One of Chris's G+ players dropping in to say hi.

This definitely caught my attention. Can you elaborate on how it gets giant stompy 'mech feel without getting bogged down in minutiae?