Friday, March 30, 2012

Resin SGDNs from Monday Knight

Big news for Galactic Knights fans, as well as anyone else wanting a Super Galactic Dreadnought model from Monday Knight Productions.  The company announced it is now selling SGDNs in resin as well as metal, cutting down on the price as well as the weight of these massive starship castings.
Photo from Monday Knight Productions.
These ships might look familiar.  Last summer, I linked to a blog post about MKP's resin spaceship model offerings.  At the time there was no word on when they would be available, but they're now offered for sale on the company's website.  At $17.50 a pop, the resin Super Galactic Dreadnoughts are nearly 10 bucks cheaper than their metal counterparts, which are still for sale, too.

The company also announced it is once more selling components for its build-your-own space station (the old star fortress from Superior Models).

Finally, of interest to players of the company's starship combat game Galactic Knights, the MKP proprietor said in the same announcement that he'll be playtesting rules GK for the Aquarian faction this Memorial Day weekend at Enfilade in Olympia, Washington.


Black Vulmea said...

Those look pretty good.

Don M said...

I may just have to get the Terrans now...)

Gonsalvo said...

All good news; the hints about an Aquarian supplement for GK were especially welcome with Joe just starting an Aquarian fleet.

Matgc said...

The amount of detail on those models is striking.

MKP is doing a great job carring on with this line.