Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another gaming bargain

This time, it wasn't at Half-Price Books, but at Dragon's Lair in San Antonio, which has a clearance table with games, comics, and other merchandise marked 75% off the original price.

I don't actually play GURPS (the Generic Universal Role Playing System), but I'm a big fan of the Vorkosigan series of SF novels by Lois McMaster Bujold.  So the chance to snag a $40 hardback detailing the setting of those books for ten bucks was one I had to grab.  So I did. 

The sourcebook from Steve Jackson Games has a lot of background on the novels' locations, characters, technology and history.  It also contains a streamlined version of the game called GURPS Lite.  I don't think I'll be starting a GURPS campaign anytime soon, but I'm enjoying reading this supplement.

I'm curious, has anyone else ever bought a game product just for the background material?


Doomsdave said...

About 90% of my vast RPG & Wargames rules collection are never played. But read & re-read constantly. It is a sickness.

HoldFast said...

Glad to see that book get sold. Was running a GURPS game a few months ago and I love to collect the sourcebooks. They are very well researched.

Gonsalvo said...

Not much interest in non spaceship sci-fi gaming, but I am also a big fan of her Vorkosigan saga books!

Christopher Sheets said...

I buy most gaming books, especially GURPS, just for the background materials.

flyingwombat59 said...

I am a longtime GURPS fan and GM. I heard of the Vorkosigan Stories way back in 1993 when Steve Jackson wrote an article on gameable fiction featuring Miles and company. I bought every book in the series. 15 years later, I introduced the Vorkosigans to my future wife.