Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More on the HotT campaign

Our Hordes of the Things campaign continues.  Da Baron is a graphic artist, and he whipped up this nifty little campaign map for all seven kingdoms.  We have, clockwise from the top, the Nightmare Legion (my GW skeletons), the Chaos Kick-Butters (Blake's WFB Chaos figures), the XIII Legion (Johnny's Romans), the Scorpion of Dirz (Da Baron's Confrontation figs), the Defenders of Ulsevf (Hunter's GW Empire), the Warhost of Naggaroth (our host using Da Baron's GW Dark Elves), and the Justice League (Grant's rebased Heroclix minis).  
Our first night, I defeated Blake's Chaos army, which is for sale, then did it a second time, taking his capital.  I even managed to ensorcell his hero, who now leads the Chaos forces as a vassal of the undead kingdom.
Meanwhile, Grant's JLA army tried but failed to defeat the Defenders of Ulsevf.  These were the final battles before winter set in on year 1 of the campaign.  My army will be back at full strength and I will have a definite ally in any invasions I might commence.
I'm looking forward to year 2 of the HotT campaign, which we plan to take up after the holiday.  Here's to conquest!

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Solid. Awesome. Must wargame.