Friday, November 30, 2012

Not a real module, but it should be

As the Rush Clockwork Angels tour hits San Antonio this evening, I had to share this image from the blog Save vs. Dragon.  It's for a Dungeons & Dragons module that doesn't exist, but should.  The title of this faux adventure comes from a 20-minute epic by that Canadian power trio on their Caress of Steel album--the same album that includes another multi-part D&D-sounding track, "The Necromancer."

The blog's author, Big New Dragon (Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr.), has more where this came from: an entire post of classic rock song titles made into D&D modules.  Go check it out, and you'll have at least one of those old tunes playing in your head the rest of the night.


pancerni said...

Clever idea!

MIK said...

Listened to 'Steel' just yesterday, this cover is pure awesome, thanks for sharing.