Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another four-dollar figure

I got another miniature off ebay; this time a figure to go with my Sons of Muspel fire army.  I plan on expanding the Sons to 48 AP or more.  The sword's a little droopy, as sometimes happens with these prepainted plastics, but some hot water therapy should fix that.
This prepaint is a Flame Harrower from the Dreamblade collectible minis game by Wizards of the Coast.  I've had my eye on this figure for some time, but they usually go for twelve bucks or more on Buy It Now.  That expense has kept me from purchasing one until now.
Surprisingly, this mini was from an auction starting at 99 cents.  Since no one else even bid on it, I got the figure for that price, plus $3 shipping.  Even though I bitched about paying that much for a Warhammer fig, I'm fine with the price for this one.  A lot of these translucent figures are expensive because of the demand for them--they just look cool.  So I was happy to pay just $3.99 for this one.
I think this guy will fit right in with the rest of the Sons of Muspel.  I plan on basing him as a Hero element, inspired by this guy's fire army using a Flame Harrower as a Hero in that army.  Now, I need just a few more minis to fill out this army.  Back to ebay ...

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