Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Starships: Tale of the Comet

Back in 1997, the old TSR produced a boxed set called Tale of the Comet as part of its Odyssey line of game settings.  This particular product took the concept of a crashed spaceship a la Barrier Peaks and cranked it up to eleven.
I picked up my copy at Half-Price Books many years ago.  The box contained three booklets, several maps, and numerous play aids.  Tale had stats for sci-fi weapons and gear, as well as data on vehicles and machine opponents who appear in the campaign world via a starship wreck.
With this adventure, you could even take the fight to the stars in a working spacecraft.  That's right--D&D In Spaaaace!  Note the self-destruct mechanism, built right into the dashboard--when blowing up your ride just can't wait!
I never played this back in the day, but at the time I did get a kick out of the art.  Did anyone else ever use any part of this adventure in their gaming?  Had you even heard of it before now?


pancerni said...

You should play this now!

Black Vulmea said...

Good idea to put the self-destruct next to the radio.

"Hail them and ask them their intentions."

"Aye-aye, hailing no-*BOOM!*

Anonymous said...

Tales of the Comet is on of my favorite 2E supplements that I never got around to playing. Blasters, robots, spaceships, gate travel and 'berzerker borgs.' Great, gonzo stuff.

-Ed Green