Saturday, November 10, 2012

OGRE DE prototype at MillCon

I had a chance to get a close-up look at some of the components for the upcoming OGRE Designer's Edition at MillenniumCon on Friday, including counters and reference sheets.  I didn't actually play a game, but I did get some pics for you.
A Man in Black brought the game to the con, and he showed off some of the building and cybertank models assembled from cardstock.
As you can see, the counters are huge and have color artwork.  We've come a long way since the black-on-white silhouettes from the pocket version of the game.  The small box pictured above isn't actually part of the game--it's just a reskinned card game container to hold the counters.
I also got a look at the maps.  I'm looking forward to the additional green GEV-type maps, which will provide even more real estate to fight over.  I can't wait to use the modular terrain to change the game board when a cruise missile detonates!
Unfortunately, we probably won't see the game for sale until next year.  Until then, enjoy the photos and protect that command post!


 Ashley said...

The counters are great, but it is the maps, and having the game back out in the public awareness again that excites me.

That and having the miniatures with the Nihon Empire Ogres etc. to come. Oh yes, that excites me.

BTW: for those readers in England who can make the London DragonMeet convention, I will be part of the team demoing Ogre with miniatures. Come say high.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Can't wait for my Kickstarter set to arrive. I would have bought it from FLGS if I had one, but... the extra goodies sold me on the Kickstarter.

I also got a t-shirt which proclaims that I made Steve Jackson work on Car Wars.... another old favorite I can't wait to see resurrected.