Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Sons of Muspel

I purchased some more figs to add to my Surtr and the Sons of Muspel army for Hordes of the Things.   These ebay purchases (for pretty cheap) are almost all Heroclix minis. 

In the back we have some Human Torch miniatures; the big guys are representations of a character called Zzzax (that's his name; look it up), and there are some Toro minis, also on flying stands.  The three yellow guys are some more Handful of Heroes characters--Sabretooth, to be precise--from across the toy aisle in the action figures section.  Look for these to appear as Hordes and Blades elements as I expand my fire army to 48 AP.


Zanazaz said...

I've been trying to decide a theme for a HotT army, but I haven't decided on anyhig yet.

Desert Scribe said...

Zanazaz, what spare figures do you already have? Or, what figures do you want to buy? That's how I usually determine the themes of my armies. I have completed two armies from old Warhammer and 40K armies I had on hand, one from DDM and Heroclix minis I bought, and one from dollar-store toys I grabbed just for fun.

Zanazaz said...

I have tons of Mage Knight. A few other miscellaneous minis, and the odd plastic toy. I've been thinking along the lines of a "steam punkish" army, or perhaps a Dr. Who army with elements from across time and space, but I'm sure that's been done to death. My one original thought was a mutant baby army, some gigantic, some with "chaotic features, just a really freaky army of babies. =) I'm still brainstorming ideas, and I sort of want to wait for the new rules edition.

Desert Scribe said...

So throw together a bunch of MK minis that have that steampunk vibe. Once you have them all on matching bases, it will make the figures appear as a single force.

Regarding the new edition of HotT, don't bother to wait. It won't contain any new rules that would affect basing your army, and you can download the current version for free.