Monday, June 16, 2014

Carnivoran fighters in Galactic Knights

Looking over the Carnivoran expansion for Galactic Knights, I noticed that there were not two sets of game stats and rules for fighters and missiles (Standard Rules and Command Rules), like in the core rulebook and the Entomolian supplement.  Instead, the Carnivoran book just offers what appear to be standard rules and stats.
Not only that, but the book doesn't specify how many fighters make a squad.  That's important because the original GK rules specify that fighters are costed, stored and launched in squads of three.  However, the Carnivoran book never explicitly states the number of fighters per squad.  In fact, it even mentions that the heavy fighters should be treated just like a ship, and provides a record sheet with five fighters instead of three.
I prefer the Command Rules, so I came up with my own stats for the Carnivoran fighters and missiles.  It's a work in progress, so it may get modified after some playtesting.
Name Type Move Profile Dmg Notes Intercept
Fang Missile 12 6 0 successful missile hit shorts out one shield generator none
Bobcat Light Fighter 12 2 2 not depleted until current target destroyed 2 dice
Leopard Heavy Fighter 7 6 4 fighter needs two hits to be destroyed def. die only

Anyone else have house rules for Galactic Knights?

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pancerni said...

We just play with 5 fighters in all groups, and use the command rules.