Sunday, June 29, 2014

OGRE--Old School!

Had a chance to break in my Ogre Pocket Edition game this weekend.  It was a retro blast playing with the same old-school counters and hex mat that came out more than three decades ago.  It gave me flashbacks to the 1970s.
I have memories of playing this game as a kid on vacations with my brother.  So when we got together for a family gathering, he and I squeezed in a couple of matches (the Mark III attacking scenario).
I was the defender in the first game.  I took two howitzers, two heavies, two missile tanks, and four GEVs.  My brother came in down one side, and used both missiles to take out GEVs (although one hovercraft got disabled twice, it did survive for three or four turns).  However, I wasn't able to reduce his speed in time, and he took out the first howitzer, then the command post, then the last howitzer.
I talked my brother into a rematch, with me driving the Ogre.  He kept the two artillery units, but ditched the heavier armor for an all-GEV force.  He had some really good rolls attacking my treads, and got me down to a move of two hexes fairly quickly.  He didn't get his GEVs out of the way, though, and I was able to chew through them.  And since I still had all my weapons, I was able to dispatch his infantry fairly easily.  In the end, I had to make a run under his howitzer umbrella.  He got me down to one move, but I still managed to kill a howitzer, destroy his CP, then take out his final artillery piece.
So we each won a game with the Ogre, but he says he did better than I did, since his Ogre (down a main and a secondary, and reduced to a move of two) wasn't as chewed up as mine (still had all its weapons, but down to one move).  What do you think?


Colgar6 said...

Well, they were both wins for the Ogre, weren't they? The victory conditions are all-or-nothing, so I don't see that it matters at all how much either side has left at the end of the game.

 Ashley said...

@ Colgar: You're missing the point of having bragging rights.

From just reading the text it felt that he seemed to steam roller you, whereas you had to play a much harder fought game to win.

So, IMNSHO, you played better as the Ogre, but he played better as the defender. See, I can be helpful like that. ;-)

joe5mc said...

I don't know, they sound pretty equally chewed up to me.

Desert Scribe said...

Colgar, you're not helping me! :)

Ashley's correct, it's about brotherly bragging rights. ;)

Thank you, joe--that's closer to the answer I was looking for! :P