Thursday, June 19, 2014

Monopolis industrial zone

Continuing my work on the City of Monopolis, my terrain for OGRE/GEV, I have spray painted various industrial buildings and other structures to add variety to the urban landscape.  These pieces came from (mostly) the Monopoly City game.
In addition to the factory buildings, there are water towers, stadiums, windmills, and waste disposal facilities.  There are even parks.
Those round things are supposed to be African huts from the Monopoly: Here and Now World Edition, but at this scale they will do nicely as chemical storage tanks.  There are also several power plants/reactors, which will make suitable objectives or targets for my OGRE minis.  Next up, the dozens and dozens of Monopoly houses...

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Nobody667 said...

These are going to be EPIC! Awesome buildings, it will make for a great city!