Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Look what came in the mail today

Steve Jackson Games delivered (via the Postal Service).  My order of two copies each of Ogre Pocket Edition and Mini Car Wars arrived today.
This Ogre edition, with its rudimentary map and black-and-white counters, is a throwback to its microgame origins, but with updated rules.  Quite a contrast to the ginormous Designer's Edition.
And this version of Car Wars includes the rules and a sheet with road sections and tiny vehicle counters (in color) that you cut out. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play them both this weekend.


Colgar6 said...

I miss Ogre! Maybe I should get the pocket version (again)?

Not so sure that Car Wars would have the same appeal as it did 30 years ago, though.

Desert Scribe said...

You should definitely get Ogre!

Yeah, Car Wars is kinda fiddly, but for $2.50 (or $1.00 for PDF), you should check it out.

Latric said...

Ogre will be on my must have list.