Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monpolis city center

Some more skyscrapers for my OGRE city of Monopolis.  Most of them came from the Monopoly City game, but there are a few pieces from the Toob line of toys.  I plan on using these taller buildings for a few dense urban hexes. 
These urban hexes will have a defense of 8, instead of the 4 that town hexes have in OGRE, the theory being that late-21st century architecture uses a lot of BPC (the same stuff they use for OGRE armor). 
I didn't have to do much for the Monopoly structures, just paint the top and the base--the windows on the sides of the buildings are decals that came applied to the pieces.  I just added the appropriate colors to the roofs and ground floors.
And yes, some of those buildings may look a little familiar.  That's because urban designers in the 2070s and '80s get a lot of  inspiration from classical architecture.

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Phil Shanton said...

I've used the Toob buildings in various giant monster games and have been thinking of using them in OGRE as well, but never thought of using the new monopoly pieces. Thanks for the idea!!