Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Zombie hotel

My brother is working on his major gaming project, a 28mm town for All Things Zombie.  One of the centerpieces will be this no-tell hotel that he's building, called The Palms.  These photos are of the work in progress.
As he tells me: "Rates are by the hour and clean sheets cost extra."  I'm looking forward to gaming in Zombieville.


A-Historian said...

That tree is a great way to remember what order the levels go in!

Maj. Diz Aster said...

That's cool! Scribe, now that I'm back in the area, let me know when you and your brother are going to play All Things Zombie, maybe I will be available to play.

Teddy KGB said...

You guys hop in a car and we can play this weekend. :). Scribe promised to help me finish my horde so I figure now is good.

Following ATZ I plan on using Z-opolis for some 28 mm Force on Force. The Russo-Sino compact vs. the TX-ARNG or something along those lines. 28mm resin combat vehicles I have learned are a wee bit pricey so all donations are welcome and accepted!

Nobody667 said...

Interesting hotel, love the tree design. It is a great start to Zombieville. Can't wait to see more!