Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tutorial: Entomolian Cruiser

Sometimes I use more than three colors to paint a miniature starship.  For example, with the insectoid Entomolians I wanted to go with an iridescent look, like the carapace of a beetle.  It's the same concept as how I paint my Terran ships, but I enjoyed applying additional colors.

Again, I start with a flat black coat of spray paint for a primer:

Then, Americana Blue (or Blue Violet) on the rear half and Anita's Fathom Green for the front:

On top of those go the Folk Art Metallic Periwinkle (back) and Metallic Peridot (front).  It's OK if the colors overlap a little in the middle; that just smooths out the blend and makes it look organic:

Next, Metallic Emerald Green (from Folk Art) on top of the rear colors.  Again, there are no hard borders for any color on these ships:

And Metallic Plum in front--although I might have overdone it a little on this one:

Finally, I highlight the bridge with successive drybrushes of Yellow Ochre, Bright Yellow, and Metallic Inca Gold (all Folk Art except the Bright Yellow, which is Americana):

As seen below, this paint scheme gives the bugs a colorful look without a painstaking effort on my part, and I find it enjoyable to use a greater number of colors:

How do you paint your insectoid aliens' starships?


The Angry Lurker said...

I used to paint my Games Workshop BFG by varying shades of drybrushing and then picking out detail with a ooooo detail brush.

You,re a lot more colourful than me but it works with yours.

RavenFeast said...

This works for me. Allow to dry completely between each application. Prime white, and then paint intermediate green. Give the entire model an ink-wash with 2 parts water for every one part of blue ink, then drybrush with intermediate green. Pick out details with silver, gold and metallic blue. Engine flares are first painted white, and then given an ink-wash using the 2:1 blue. Brybrush the center sparingly with a little white paint. The base is both primed and painted black.

RavenFeast said...

Sorry. That should have been "bronze", not "gold".

thedrake70458 said...

Awesome looking ship! Thanks for posting the tutorial on how you did it.

thedrake70458 said...

Awesome looking ship! Thanks for posting how you did it.