Friday, February 4, 2011

Tutorial: Entomolian Attack Carrier

My Entomolian cruisers need something to escort, so I also painted an Ent carrier.  It's pretty much the same method I used for the cruisers, but slightly different because of the large, flat surfaces on the larger ship.

Once again, I start with the ship primered in flat black:

Next, drybrush green in front, blue (or blue-violet) in back:

Then, metallic peridot on the bow, metallic periwinkle on the stern.  I kind of press down on the brush for a slight stippling affect in order to bring out the grooves on the carrier deck:

After that, metallic emerald green goes on the rear half:

Next, metallic plum in front, blending in with the third coat in back for an organic look--there's no hard-and-fast line where one shade ends and the other begins.

Finally, I highlight the bridge superstructure (starboard) and the smaller flight control center using yellow ochre, bright yellow, and metallic gold:

And here you go, another Entomolian attack carrier ready for action:


Sean Robson said...

I really like your Entolmalian colour scheme; and the ships look great against that black background!

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Sean. The background is just the reverse side of my Monday Knight Productions hex mat.


What size brush do you use when you dry brush?