Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

With family in town, I won't get in much gaming-related activity this weekend.  It's not like the good old days, when my friends and I were out of school and had tons of spare time to pursue such activities, like an all-day D&D session, or an afternoon and evening of Axis and Allies.

Now, most of the folks I game with live in another city, and they all have holiday plans of their own.  Still, I'm grateful for all the games I've taken part in this year--not to mention family, health, employment, etc.

So even if there's no dice rolling and minis moving, I'm having a good Thanksgiving.  And who knows, my dad's reading a book about the Battle of the Bulge--maybe I can talk him into a game of Axis and Allies.


 Ashley said...

Hope you have a good one?

Gonsalvo said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I too rmember the long weekend as being full of great gaming with freinds in HS and college... even true when I was in Medical school. After marraige, family, etc., I usually make use of the spare time painting, doing blog posts, and tidiying up the War Room (basement).

BTW, the original designer of Axis and Allies (the boardgame) was Joe Angiolillo, who has many board games to his credit. He was part of the "Thursday Night Group" D&D guys in the Hartford area that I played with my last two year of Medical school; we play tested the game and I had one suggestion - cut dopwn the number of territories by about 40%, and make the game play to a conclusion within 3 hours. He accomplished both, and ultimately sold the rights to Milton Bradley.

The GM for the TNG was Dave Sweet, fresh out of Law School himself, and one of the other players was the State Insurance Commissioner - a handy contact for a future MD!

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Ashley! I hope you and your partner had a good Thanksgiving as well.

Gonsalvo, that's a great story about your old D&D group--but I don't know how you found time to game while pursuing a professional degree! I didn't get back into gaming until I had finished law school and taken the bar exam.

Gonsalvo said...

I didn't game at all the first 2 years, except when we were off for vacation; with classes from 8AM to 6PM Monday - Friday and 8AM - 12 Noon on Saturday, just not enough hours in the day!Third and Fourth years were much easier by comparison.

I am also fortunate to have an excellent memory; after our first year of Med school (ugh!) they gave us 4 weeks off to study for Part 1 of the board exams - too much time; at that point I'd be forgetting what I reviewed the first week by the time the 4th week rolled around. So I painted for first 2 weeks and studied for the second 2 weeks; did OK. Next year the same thing - so this time I painted for 3 weeks, then studied for 1 week - did better! That was the last exam I have explicitly studied for, and my last recertification exam I scored at the 100th percentile (after being the 99th percentile for several prior exams).

Moral of the story is that the more I paint, the better I do on the exams. Works for me! :-) Actually, I think part of it is that I view tests sort of like games themselves... I almost enjoy talking them. Sick, I know! :-)