Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Starships: missiles and more fighters

Just like I did last week, I rediscovered some more minis I had dunked in Pine Sol to remove their paint jobs.  In addition to some Warhammer minis I got on ebay, I dumped in a whole bunch of starfighters and CAPTACs from the Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights range.  Now I've started rebasing them so I can repaint them to match my fleets.  The fighters are Terran Comet and Meteor craft, while the missiles are Terran and Entomalian.  I have more missiles on stands than I do fighters right now.
You can see that the missiles are mounted on Furball flight stands I got a few months ago. The little box holds a die, so you can use the pips to keep track of the number of missiles in each salvo.  They'll look better once they're painted black.  However, I want to get the rest of the fighters on bases before I start priming.
I'm happy to get rid of the original paint job for this Citadel cockatrice, as well as the necromancer that had been glued to it as a mount.  They were painted way too gaudy, and the thick enamel the previous owner had used hid a lot of detail.
I hope to have the fighters and missiles painted soon.  It may take longer for that winged monster, however--I need to figure out a color scheme that will do justice to the sculpt!

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