Monday, July 30, 2012

From across the pond

I picked up a handful of Nightmare Legion troopers on ebay from a seller in Great Britain, and the package arrived after just a week and a half.  When added to my recent skeletons purchase, these five skeletons give me enough figures to make seven stands of Spears for my Hordes of the Things skeleton army.  That's in addition to the four Spears elements I currently field.
Eleven 2-point elements is nearly enough for a complete HotT army, but I don't know if I want to try to land any more of these out-of-production minis.  Although I got a great deal on these--less than $11 including transatlantic shipping--the old 1980s Games Workshop miniatures seem to be getting more and more expensive.  Besides, I think I have enough to paint as it is. 
I could always base these command figures from this set that I painted back in the '80s.  I haven't mounted them for Hordes of the Things because I don't think their armor and weapons match the rank-and-file of the NL troopers.  Besides, I want the army general to be a Spears element, and these are clearly Blades.  Should I use them anyway?


Teddy KGB said...

I remember my dwarf army smashing that skeleton command group in a game with Mike McGrail. Can't remember if you were playing too.

Teddy KGB said...
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Desert Scribe said...

I don't remember that, so I probably wasn't there. Too bad; sounds like it was a fun game. Whatever happened to your army of dwarves--I think one unit was called Bugman's Brewers?