Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Starships: Terran capital ships

I painted the last of my Terran capital ships: a Constellation-class galactic attack carrier and a Formidable-class galactic battlecruiser from the Starfleet Wars (now Galactic Knights) line of miniature starships. 
I painted these ships to match the rest of my Red Fleet, since my White Fleet already has two carriers and a battlecruiser.
Now that these ships are done, I just need to prime and paint the remaining stellar destroyers and starbombers.  Then my fleet will be complete!
As a bonus, here's another batch of Terran Comet starfighters--this time painted in the White Fleet color scheme.
I still have a whole bunch of fighters to redo in the proper colors, but at least they're all painted.  Once I get everything done the way I want, I'll post some group shots.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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