Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Starships: Primed directive

I had hoped to start slapping paint on that Avarian super galactic dreadnought, but I just wasn't feeling painterly.  Instead, I got out the spray cans and primed.

From the Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights line, here are the last of my Terran capital ships, a galactic battlecruiser and galactic attack carrier, surrounded by the last of my unpainted starfighters (although I have a whole bunch of attack craft from ebay that need to have their paint jobs replaced with my own).
I also picked up another can of gray, so I could finish the Star Frontiers battleship and destroyer and their Stardate: 3000 escorts after my other can crapped out on me.  I'm looking forward to painting these guys as part of the same civilian(?) fleet. 
I didn't get a chance to prime everything, however.  These half-dozen starbombers are almost the last of my SfW/GK Terran fleet.  I have a quartet of Terran destroyers to put on stands, and then I'll have my entire Terran fleet (or both of them, since they're painted in two different schemes) completed and ready for battle.
Of course, this means I've been neglected my fantasy figure painting, as you can see from the poor unfinished Reaper kobold at the upper right of the above photo.  But I paint what the mood strikes me to, and lately it's been spaceships.

Has anyone else ever let stuff sit half-completed for a long time while you tear through a number of other projects?  Seems like I do that a lot.


Don M said...

very punny...painting pink tanks myself so I shouldn't give you too much grief...)

Maj. Diz Aster said...

Yep, lots of half-finished metal(and resin)on my workbench, but I'm trying to remedy that. I'm forcing myself to paint something each day. Doesn't have to be a lot of stuff, I just must make an effort to paint something to complete my unfinished projects by the end of 2012.