Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Starships: A fistful of fighters

I completed some of the fighters in my painting queue.  These are Terran Comet and Meteor starfighters from Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights along with some Federation Intruder IID scouts and Vigilante IIIC interceptors from Stardate: 3000.
I painted these dozen Intruders and the trio of Vigilantes to match the other ships of my civilian fleet.  I'll use these as shuttles, support craft, small transports, or even fighters if I use my civvies as pirates.
Since most of my Terran fighters were already painted in some sort of red design when I got them via ebay, I painted these Meteors to match the carriers in the color scheme of my Terran White Fleet.
However, I also wanted to see how some starfighters would look in the colors of my Terran Red Fleet, so I went ahead and did these Comets with that scheme instead.
I primed all these fighters black, then drybrushed in the trio of colors for each fleet.  I also wanted to paint some other fighters and ships, but I was priming them gray when the spray can stopped working, even though it was more than half full.  It's not clogged, and it's not empty, but it's not dispensing paint.  Looks like a trip to the hardware store is in order.

Where do y'all get your primers?  Standard hardware store paints like Krylon or Rustoleum, or do you go for the pricier cans from game stores?

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Bob said...

I used to use Armory or Games Workshop primer, but I've started switching to cheaper spray cans from the hardware store. Unfortunately, I don't have a local game store that deserves my money anymore, and I don't like to order primer through the mail. So, I'm back to getting my sprays from the hardware store again.