Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Look at the bones, man!"

I found some of Reaper's new Bones line of plastic miniatures during a visit to Dibble's Hobbies in San Antonio this weekend.  I'd read about how cheap they are, and how they're supposed to be easy to paint up--no priming required! 

I've been wanting to buy the the pack of kobolds for some time, but until now I never saw them at other game stores.  So when I saw the package for three-and-a-half bucks, I grabbed it.  Then I decided that I didn't want to cost the store more in credit card processing fees than my purchase, so I also picked up this ogre chieftain for another two-fifty.  Six bucks for a swarm of little dog-men and their large friend isn't too bad.

I'm gonna see if these figures live up to the hype, and try painting them without using primer first.  I'll let y;all know how it turns out.


Maj. Diz Aster said...

Cool! Jeff is stocking Reaper BONES. I gotta get me some next payday!

JDJarvis said...

I got to paint up a troll at PAX and it like the other bones figures I saw had good detail and painted up well. They certainly do not require primer.

Jason said...

And there he goes, showing his boners off to people. :p