Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New monster for Holmes basic: Anti-Paladin

A while back, I posted some re-imaginings of character classes as monsters for the old blue-book basic Dungeons & Dragons, as seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old me and filtered through the pop culture of the time.  One of the "monsters" I re-imagined was the paladin, but I just now realized that he needs a nemesis.  Without further ado, I present the


Move: 90 feet/turn
Hit Dice: 10
Armor Class: 2
Treasure Type: see below
Alignment: chaotic evil
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-6 points

As the paladin is pure, the anti-paladin is foul; an implacable foe of goodness and law.  The waves of palpable evil this black knight sends forth causes any character in melee who fails a save to flee in terror for 1-6 rounds.  Like his nemesis, the anti-paladin bears a knight's accoutrements of plate & shield, lance, sword, and so on.  Such weaponry will function normally for the anti-paladin, but act as cursed items for anyone else using them.  Although chaotic, an anti-paladin will always accept a one-on-one duel with a paladin or high-level fighter (and usually attempt a dirty trick).  An anti-paladin will usually ride a mount of some sort, typically a manticore or chimera.  Anti-paladins often dwell in dank castles, where they rule evil brigands or savage orcs and sometimes (60% chance) keep noble prisoners.

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Sean Robson said...

Nice. I really like your "classes as monsters." This is a much simpler way of handling NPCs.