Thursday, July 5, 2012

Work in progress: Fghters

I was able to spend some time Wednesday at the table, assembling stands of fighters for priming.  I was able to get quite a few based, but believe it or not I still have a great deal to go.
In addition to some Terran fighters for Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights, I put together some stands of pursuit ships from Stardate: 3000--both the human faction and the alien forces (the aliens are the ones with the bug-eyed look).  At first I thought about painting these alien pursuit ships as Entomalians, but I decided that they have the right look to supplement my Vogon Construction Fleet, so they'll be getting a coat of that road crew orange someday.
What about all y'all?  For those of you who had the Fourth off, did you have a chance to work on anything?  What's on your workbench?


Ski said...

No painting, but I did re-organize my gaming junk collection - my shelf of brushes, basing material, flock, balsa, some random minis, paint, etc. My wife danced for joy.

Got in a trial game of Task Force Zeta with my spaceships...

Laughing Ferret said...

Some fun little ships there! I like the bug-eyed hammer head ones quite a lot. I'll have to look into those.

I spent the 4th putting the last touches on a Blood Bowl team i'm donating for a charity event, varnish them, pack them and played one of my favorite board games: Through The Ages.

Gonsalvo said...

In between a family gathering and the fireworks at night, I finished off the last of the troops needed for Borodino in less than 2 weeks - Hurrah!