Monday, July 9, 2012

In the painting queue

OK, I know I have way too many spaceship minis when I discover models that I primed some months ago and forgot to paint.  I was going through some things when I stumbled across these two Avarian ships for Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights.
The flattop is a Nest-class galactic attack carrier, while the larger of the two vessels is a Gryphon-class super galactic dreadnought.  Note the level of detail on the underside of the SGDN; this is typical of all the starships in the SfW/GK line.
Now that I've rediscovered these two minis, I just have to paint them and my entire Avarian fleet will be complete--until I purchase some more, that is.  What about your fleets?  Are they ever really complete?


pancerni said...

No, fleets, like other projects, are never really done. Shoot, if you're finding primed not painted units after a 'couple of months' rather than ten years after, then you are doing good.

BTW, I think next on may list are Avarians, to purchase that is, since most of the Aquarian ships in my collection are done. Or maybe the Entamolians are next, not sure yet.

Bighara said...

I admire your industry/compulsiveness. :-)

Hey, DS. I had some questions about space combat rules for a project of mine. Can you fire me an email sometime to bighara AT verizon DOT net? Thanks!

Gonsalvo said...

I have a bunch of Entomalioan ships to paint to add to my Avarians, Carnivorans, and Terrans... and then I think I'll need a few more of these and those....