Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Asteroid on the worktable

This piece of interplanetary scenery started off as a chunk of concrete I found after workers fixed my fence.  Standing on its end and painted black, it makes a fine asteroid for spaceship gaming, next to my previous efforts here and here

I just need to do some drybrushing, and the space rock will be ready to serve as a hazard to stellar navigation and a haven for star pirates.  Does anyone else build their own asteroids?  If so, how?

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Nicholas Caldwell said...

Asteroids are easy -- get a sea sponge (or equivalent synthetic sponge) and tear into pieces. Either coat them with a white glue and black paint mixture or spray paint several layers until the paint stops soaking in. Drybrush and you're done. They're durable, light and if one turns over it won't squash your carefully painted starships.