Thursday, December 13, 2012

Star Raider destroyers

Here are two more Garrison Miniatures ships (Star Raider destroyers) I've run through the painting queue.  While the manufacturer sells them as 1/2400-scale models, they'll fit right in with my existing starfleets.
Unlike the first couple I painted in a sort of space camouflage, these craft received more traditional paint schemes.  I enjoyed the change of pace. 
I decided to add these vessels to two of my freelance fleets: the Capellan Raiders and the Vogon Construction Fleet (your guess as to which ship goes with which force).
I primed these ships white before painting them.  This really brought out the yellow on the left-hand ship, and I'm really pleased with how they both came out.
After painting, I washed with an ink-water mix and then did a little drybrushing.  Now they're ready to join their respective flotillas.  One day soon, I need to take pictures of the assembled Capellan and Vogon fleets.  Then I actually need to use these in a game!

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