Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Starships: Armored Pursuit Ships

I painted my remaining Dauntless-class star armored pursuit ships, in non-Fleet colors.  Instead we have one SAPS in the Boeing factory markings, another that was appropriated by the Capellan Raiders, a third in the colors of the Vogon Construction Fleet, and the last, an unarmed model in the livery of the New Austin Emergency Services.
Also, I finally assembled the rest of my escape pods, which my wife generously donated from her beading supplies.
What have you been working on this weekend?


Black Vulmea said...

Having two kids with birthdays three days apart makes for a very hectic mid-June each year. Last weekend we celebrated my son's birthday, and this weekend was my daughter's party, and now it's smooth sailing 'til the holidays.

The rescue balls look great. Your wife's a peach.

pancerni said...

Baby sitting the grand daughters, but did get a late Friday night finish on the miniatures painted specially for them, and their mother. See on my blog:


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very cool! Love the yellow/black stripe scheme in particular!

I had a 40th Birthday Party and finished of my Cultist force!